Monday, 5 August 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise

Hello. My name is Torto, and I have a good reason for that because I am a Tortoise. I have really short legs and I have a body as a rock. I can run really really really slow and I also chew slow too. I love to eat cabbage and I have a head that looks cabbage also.  

I also love to eat grass and whatever the size it is I will still chew slowly ever large of small.  If I am runny in a race, I will always come last because I am so so so slow. I would be runny so hard but it will still look like I am walking.

I was taking a walk in the park and I saw a Hare “Hey Tortoise” Whispered the Hare “Hey Hare how are you” I replied back to him “I’m good, you know I am so fast I am like Usain Bolt” said the Hare “Really when you go fast you don’t see where you're going and you run into a tree” Said the Tortoise in a loud voice and “I can live up to 100 years” added on the Tortoise.
One Day there was a sign on the side of the road and it said “Come join us to have a little race in the park on Tuesday the 23rd - Wednesday the 24th, So come join us.” So I Challenged the Hare to a race. I said “I can beat you and you can’t beat me.” “Really” replied the Hare “Yes” said the Tortoise.

Later that day was the race and I was so so excited that I was going to win. I was warming up my legs and doing some warm up skills. Then the speaker buzzed off and said “All racers to the starting line”. I started off really really slow but then all the racers were slowing down even the Hare. So I had a good chance of winning. I was coming first and I was going as fast as I could and then I WON!!!.

I was so excited that i won the race and I got the gold medal. I was happy but I was sad at the same time. I saw the Hare walk home. After all the excitement I decided that had to go see if the hare is alright. “ Are you alright Hare” said the tortoise in a sad voice, ‘Yeah” I’m ok” replied the Hare in a sad voice too. ‘Ok, I was just making sure”.

So in the End the Hare was happy and the Tortoise went home with his gold medal.

THE END!!!! :-)

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