Monday, 31 March 2014

My Cousin's 21st Birthday!

21st Birthday
My Cousin’s Birthday
Monte Carlo Theme

Do you know what a 21st is? Well, a 21st is a celebration that some people have when they turn 21. People sometimes have a theme and people come to the party all dressed up and might look different then other people. Most of the time at a 21st people will be dancing and having a great time. That is what happens mostly at a 21st. But, this 21st was a family and friends party so people were dancing and just having fun.

At this 21st Birthday the theme was Monte Carlo. Family and friends were trying to find black and gold clothes and accessories to wear on the night. For example necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. Some people came in black and gold but other people came in white, blue, pink and even purple. Those people probably didn’t read the invitation.
Do you know what happens during a 21st? Well heres your answer. People at a 21st go to have fun and celebrate the persons birthday. As you may not know the person having this birthday is the oldest grandson in the family, so it was special. Family and friends were saying a speeches and having a laugh. Maybe if you have 21st people might even say speeches for you sometime during your party.


Chea Driver said...

Rave, first of all, what a beautiful name you have! Where I live, we have big celebrations for the 16th birthday because you get your license to drive a car at that age! I liked your story a lot. I love parties and celebrating with friends and family! I always look forward to my little boy's birthday party each year. We have had several themes. One of my favorites was his 2nd birthday, and we had a Mickey Mouse theme. Have you had any birthday celebrations that were special to you?
By the way, my name is Chea Driver, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama.

bigoneyashleyedm310 said...

Hey Rave, My name is Ashley! I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the class EDM310. I loved reading your post! Your cousins birthday sounded like a blast! I have had a couple of birthday parties before like that. I love that your family members said speeches and brought up old memories. I turn 20 in May and I hope that I can have a birthday like what you described!

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