Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sports at Tamaki College!

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Every Thursday Class 2,4 and 5 have been walking down to Tamaki College for P.E. It is located in Glen Innes next to the Tamaki R.E.C Centre. We normally have tutors that take our group around and we play games all around the Tamaki College field. For example….. Chain Tag and The Blindfold Challenge. But there are a lot of other games we get to play. We have lovely wonderful tutors too.   

Why do we go down to Tamaki you ask? Well we go to Tamaki to get fit. So for example..... if we wanted to sign up for a sport we want to play. Like... netball you would already be fit and healthy . We walk to Tamaki to play new things and that is such a good exercise. It is really amazing for us to have the chance to go to Tamaki to play some sports. We are all so happy for having the opportunity to play different sports. Maybe you might go to a senior school to play new sports. I wish I could go there everyday.

Our Experience at Tamaki College has been fun. We have 7 groups that have 10 - 12 people per group. It isn’t just boys in one group and girls in the other. It is mixed. We have to participate with boys in our team and the boys have to participate with the girls in there team. In each group we have 2 - 4 tutors. Our leaders are girls and other leaders are boys. I really wanted girls to be my leaders because I like how girls don’t care if we make a mistake. They just keep on encouraging us to get back up and carry on.
At Tamaki we have tutors that take us to different sports. And some of the sports we play are...... umm so hard to choose. Oh yes high jump, chain tag, amazing race, rope jump and other sports like that. Our group did the obstacle course . We had to get with a partner and pick who is going to be blindfolded and one person to guide their partner through the course. My partner was Rave and she was blindfolded. I had to guide her through the obstacle course so she can get to the end. At the end was the scariest bit. Rave had to jump of the deck and land on a soft blue mat. But sometimes people miss the mat. It was so.. hilarious seeing Rave jump. OH man good times . Rave was so… scared jumping while she was blindfolded. But our tutors lead Rave and told her to jump. Then she jumped and all she felt was something soft and she thought it was a bed. The obstacle course was fun and hard. It was all about teamwork and trusting your very own buddy.  

Having fitness at Tamaki College is so important to me and my buddy Nikita. We get healthier and fitter by playing some of the games. It will help us to have lower cholesterol levels in the future. But really we have to go to Tamaki so we can participate in things that we like. For example….. Say I wanted to sign up for a sport like….. Touch. Then if I DO make the team. I would train my hardest and I will try my best to participate with my teammates, and I will not let my teammates and coach down.  

OH and by the way our group is called the Assassins. Just putting that out there. Our group is so amazing. And we get treats at the end of each lesson because we always treat our tutors like we love them. Our tutors told us that we are like a family like. Brothers and sisters related. The leaders lead us to do our best and they do fabulous leadership. They have to tutor us because they are practising leadership for when they grow up and become what they want to be. Most of our leaders are polynesian, Samoan and Tongan.

Do you know what happens at Tamaki College when we do P.E? I thought so. When we play sports we have to listen to our tutors and follow their instructions. Think carefully with what you say and do. And remember to participate in whatever sports you play. When you participate never give up. Always strive to the end and do the best you can. And maybe you can achieve your goals too.  And try your hardest and never give up . So...... just believe in yourself .


Anastasia Martin said...

I am a graduate student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, USA. I am visiting your blog this week as part of my technology class. Wow Rave, your post is amazing! Playing sports at Tamaki College sounds like so much fun. Keep working hard and having fun.

Jennifer Vanderhoof said...

Hey my name is Jennifer I am also a student at the University of South Alabama and I was assigned your blog this week as part of my, technology class for teachers. I love your blog its very colorful and well put together! You did a great job blogging about your experience at Tamaki College. It is very important to exercise and to learn new activities as well. I am so glad you have the opportunity to participate in such a great event. I hope you find a sport that you really love and keep practicing at it. Keep up the good work Rave.

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