Monday, 3 March 2014

Thank You Letter

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to thank you for coming on the school picnic with Class 2. Your help meant a lot. It was so important that you came if you didn't we wouldn’t have gone, so thanks. Another thing you were good at was looking after students, safety, sports, keeping an eye out and keeping us company.

If you didn’t know what we do in assembly. We just make sure all the classes are there so we can walk down altogether as a big group. We make sure that everyone has a hat, and hand out the lists/rolls.  

My favourite memory at the picnic was playing in the sand with my friend Nikita. We built a cake made out of sand but of course it was not eatable. I also liked playing volleyball with my friends. What was your favourite memory?

Thank You For You Help!

Kind Regards!

Rave from Class 2 in Room 21!    


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