Friday, 21 March 2014

What Happens During School? What is School?

At Our School it is all about Tiaki Taonga. If you don't know what it means it is Caring. But really at this school participation and co operation are the main words at our school. Mostly in my class we really only try to not be rude and always strive to be what you want to be. 

Every Friday at our school we always have assembly. And at assembly we have a new korero each day. Some of the korero's are about caring and respect. We always have to work hard and as I said strive. Half of the time some people are helping teachers or doing there work. 

Last year in class I was mostly Mr Somervilles Helper. I like helping people and being the best I can be. I also helped Miss Ouano when I was in her class also. I may have helped Mrs M. She is our Music Teacher. I like her because she is fun and I like that I got to help her with anything that she needed help with. 

In our school we have all sorts of teachers. We have normal teachers that teach classes. We also have office workers, social workers, assistant principal, Nice teachers, relievers etc. Some teachers even work as coaches and managers in teams. Most of the men coach rugby, touch, league and softball. Most of the ladies coach netball, sometimes touch and softball, league and maybe even teach volleyball. 

Our principal is Mr Burt a.k.a Russell. I like Mr Burt. I like how whatever we do in school Mr Burt never denies anything that the students do. Mr Burt always comes up with good ideas and thoughts to keep the school running and staying under control.

In Year 6 there are ambassadors. In Year 8 there are perfects. The ambassadors normally travel to Wellington or other countries to present our school and work. They also have to speak for our school wherever they go. The perfects normally help Mr Burt with things and the come up with the koreros that we guess at assembly. They also have to present the korero that they do. 

I am so proud that I go to Point England School. I like how it is a good school. In our school most of the students strive and work hard. But sometimes there are naughty boys or naughty girls in each class that are always bad and never work hard. They always talk when the teacher is talking, they always go on detention sometimes. I can go on and on but I won't. But half of the school is good. 

Kids at school try work hard and never give up. At our school we have a saying that is Champions Never Give Up. It means never give up always strive to get to the end. Never ever give up. Sometimes I give up but teachers say to me never give up always strive. 

Some jobs that I do at school are - 
Maybe Moo Juice Worker
Maybe Barista Worker
Sports Monitor
Maybe a Tux Shop Monitor
 Working as a light person (Tech)
Maybe in a Netball Team
Maybe in a Basketball Team
Maybe in a Volleyball Team

Some Goals - 
I want to be a perfect
I want to join heaps of things that are available.
Work better at my maths.
Make interesting movies during class time.
Never give up.
Always dream of what you want to be.
I want to be in kapa haka next year. 
Work hard on my Math Whizz,Studyladder and Xtramath. 

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