Friday, 19 October 2012

My Narrative

One lovely morning Emma and Holly Decided to go to the Point England Shops and buy two bottles of fizzies and some lollipops.

While Holly was trying to find her wallet to buy there stuff she realized that she forgot it. Holly said to Emma “I forgot my wallet”. “Oh no, What are we going to do now?" said Emma.

So Holly rushed back home and quickly grabbed her wallet. But then she had no money in her wallet, so she had to go to the bank and get some. When Holly got some money she hurried back to the shop and paid for their drinks and lollipops.

Then Holly and Emma brought their drinks and lollipops and had a lovely morning.

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Lesieli Vala said...

Hey Rave,

Seems like the two little girls a so so fast. And the end made me really really hungry ....

Keep up the good work and
work hard.

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