Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Narative Writing.

While Selena was sitting down in her big brown chair and relaxing she decided to go and have a picnic at the Pt England beach with her friends, Rikki and Brooklyn. So Selena gave them a call and they were really interested.

Rikki brang her flip flops and sun block with her to the beach, Brooklyn brang her sun glasses and surfboard. Surfing was one of her hobbies. When they got there Selena realised that she forgot something.

Rikki and Brooklyn said “Beach here we come” but Selena said “ NO we cannot go swimming yet i forgot the picnic basket”.

So Selena quickly rushed back home and got the picnic basket but she had to go shopping two because she had not got the food for the picnic. She brought sandwiches, canned fruit, mini crackers and other delicious food.

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