Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dans Days 11 1/2 Sunday

This chapter is about how Dan had the greatest night of his life and that his sister talked to him after the gig, And his sister wants Dan to perform at her birthday party a week after his gig. His friend Stavros said that his band was great and that he wants him to perform at his gym club and Dan said “I will have to remember to check my fly. Dan was really lucky to have his Mum back because mum said that she couldn’t come to his gig but she did. Mum made breakfast and they ate on the outside table. After that Mum was going to Check out employment section of the paper so she can get a new job. In the end there grandma and grandpa got more money and gave some to mum because she lost her job.


Faafetai said...

Hi Rave
It me Faafetai I really like your blog post about Dans Day because the photo looks pretty.

You Rock, By Faafetai.

lesieliv said...

Hey Rave,
Great work you have made a great Picture I love it... It is so so so so amazing. I wish I had the drawing skills like you.

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