Saturday, 22 September 2012

Thursday Olympic Day

Yesterday was a special day because it was Olympic day. If you don’t know what Olympic Day is well here is your answer. Olympic Day is a day where our whole school comes together and participate in different sports or events that are in the olympics.

First on Olympic Day our teacher had organised countries for us to be in. My County was Ireland, So I had to be an Irish person dressed in green, orange or white. In those countries we had leaders two take us to the events we did. My leader was Toko, A year 8 in Room 21.

The first sport my team and I went to play on the basketball court with one of the teachers from Room 18 and his name is Mr Barks. Five people played and tried to score a point for there team.

The second sport we did was 3 legend soccer, With my Netball Manager. She was the coach who told us what to do. We had to find a buddy and we had to tie a piece of string on one of our legs and we had to kick the ball with our other leg.

The other sports we did was handball, Sitting Volleyball, Touch and the last of all Basketball again. Out of all the sports we did I think that my favourite one was sitting volleyball and handball.

I hope one other day at school I hope that my whole school and I will have another olympic day with my principal, Mr Burt.  

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Jamie Ham said...

Hello Rave,

I am a student at The University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your post about Olympic Day! You explained everything in detail. Thank you for sharing your Olympic Day experience. Continue to keep up the good work!

Jamie Ham

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