Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Redferns against Revelations

Today my netball team was going to play our second game against Revelation netball team. My coach and my team didn’t know who they were. Now I am playing my second game I am getting more nervous. After school today all the Yr 6 to 8 netball teams are going to be playing their second game. We get dressed and train a little bit before our game starts. The shooters in the team had to practice their shooting and the other girls just played our centre pass game.

Maybe when we get to the courts we can play master. Master is a shooting game that everybody can play. Last week when we played our first game we were not going good. In the first quarter we were not doing well. We were stepping heaps and not passing right, but in the second quarter we came back and we were fighting, getting free, passing good and not stepping. So in the second that was the win win quarter.  

At halftime we had a drink of water. My mum and dad, who are my coach and manager, were telling us girls we were playing good, but he said we had to watch our stepping and passing and to signal. Signal is a move that my dad taught us girls.

Every training my dad will teach us to do different netball moves to us we'll playing. One is called The Zone. The Zone is when we pass from the Centre to WA and then to GA and then to GS. Another move we do is called Centre pass. It is when we just play our normal game but we can’t talk just signal.   

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