Friday, 10 May 2013

WILL.I.AM Came to my School.

Yesterday afternoon yes  from the band black eyed peas came to Pt England School. He came to our school because he was interested in our learning at school. told our school a story about his life and said he was living in hell. He said he lived in a bad neighbour hood and he hadn't seen his father and his mother had no job. said to all kids to trust your friends to follow all of your dreams. After he told us his story about his life he gave 100.000.00 thousand dollars to the manaiakalani eduction trust.

Thank You  

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Te Puawaitanga said...

Hi Rave,

Wow you have a amazing blog post about Will.I.Am coming to our school. My Favourite part is when you talk about his life. Imaginer living in a life like that. keep up the good work

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