Thursday, 30 May 2013

Writing a Creative Narrtive.

Hi my name is Bella  and I am a graceful athlete who loves to do long jump at the olympics. One time when was doing the long jump I got past the red line and I was flattered. This year is the 2013 olympics and I am going to represent New Zealand in the long jump. My goal for this olympics is to do my best and get past the red line. That will make me so so so happy.

The big day was getting closer and closer and I was getting more nervous and nervous. Everyday I  had a routine to make me do good. First I would have some muesli and yogurt, and then I will practice in my backyard. I will run two laps around my house and then I will practice my jumping.

The olympics was one day away and the pressure was getting onto me. The nerves were starting to kick in. That same day I was practicing and practicing so I could win, I didn’t what to let my country down. As I said I have a routine that I do. I kept on doing that over and over again.

The next day it was the day of the olympics. I had to go and sign up and get my number that I have to be, I was number 102. When the intercom went off and somebody said that “ It is time for the Long jump attenders”. And then I went I run as fast as I can and I jumped high and I landed in the sand. But guess what it was QUICKSAND. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” I was yelling. “Somebody help me I am sinking in quicksand”. I was getting scared but when I was yelling out nobody could hear me.

Finally one person was walking past the long jump and guess what is was my best friend, Jessica. Jess I said “ I am stuck in the sand because it is QUICKSAND”. Please help me. Then Jessica did help me she called the Quicksand place which is Get Stuck, came to the olympic place and used their tools to help me get out. I was so flattered that Jessica was there for me. “ Thank you Jess” I said.

The End.  

Thank you for reading my story I hope you have enjoyed it and can you please leave me some nice and respectful comments.

At the Top is a little Animation I have created to go with this piece of writing. And in the movie there is a challenge. See if you can see what it is a Comment down below of what YOU think.


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