Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Cousin's Birthday

Last weekend was my cousin's birthday, her name is Talina. This was her 5th birthday and she was having it at McDonald's  At her party her family came and some of her friends from Kindergarten. She just started Kindergarten and I think she is so excited.

First we played pass the parcel. The parcel awards were McDonald's toys. Mostly when we were playing people just wanted  the toys not play the game. Next we ordered our food. I got me a cheese burger and so did the other kids. My brother got chicken nuggets and the birthday girl got a cheese burger too.

During our food was still getting made the birthday girl opened up her presents. My dad and I got her a card and $40 dollars in it. Some other people got her some clothes and a play dough set. When she finished opening her presents the food was there and we all ate. After we finished eating we had some of her birthday cake and sang the birthday song too her. 

After everybody finished eating and had a rest and the kids played on the play ground the little kids got to go and do there own ice cream. What I mean by that is that all the kids got to go to the ice cream machine and put the ice cream on the cone themselves. And the big kids got to go to but we went after the little kids. 

When we were finished at McDonald's the whole family went to the hospital to go and see my papa. Then after that we went to the birthday girls house and have a cup of tea and play with the birthday girls toys. When time went by we ordered food from the Chinese shop and got some food to eat. Don't worry this is at night not in the afternoon like McDonald's. 

When everybody finished eating and everybody finished having a rest we looked at the photos from McDonald's. We took funny ones and cute ones two. In the end everybody said goodbye to everybody and we told the family we had a lot of fun. 

Thank you for reading my story of what I did last weekend. I hope you enjoyed it and please leave me some nice and respectful feedback.    

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Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful day with Talina. She enjoyed her birthday party. She did all the things she wanted to do for her 5th birthday and she was very happy with all of her family and friends that came that day.
From Mum

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