Monday, 27 May 2013

DLO - Digital Learning Object Week 2

This is my movie for my DLO - for Week 2. In my movie I am telling you information about Antartctic Seals, and there is also an animation in the movie too. I hope you Enjoy!


marama said...

Hi rave
Thanks for the comment I really like how you have a loud voice over so every one can kepp up the good work

Keis said...

Hi Rave
I really enjoyed watching your movie. It had lots of information. Thankx now I've learn't more :)

JordanA said...

Hey Rave
I like the way that you put more than one thing in your movie and the part when you were acting it hooked me in. You had lots of informatics in it and that is good. Next time instead of saying did you know you should just get started you can put one or two in it but not more or it will start to get boring. I can't wait for your next DLO. Keep up the good work

Ramonadel said...

Hi rave

I really enjoyed the movie and I learned something from it. But maybe next time you should make it more interesting so the person won't get bored. But keep up the good work.

By: Ramonadel :D

Mr Somerville said...

What a cool movie Rave! I really love how you added in animation, voice overs and pictures to communicate your learning and understanding of whales! For next time think about adding in some subtitles or real footage of your animal in your DLO. I'm very proud of you Rave, keep up the great work!

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