Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Information about the Animals in Antarctica.

Information about: Penguins

Did you know that Emperor Penguins and Adeile Penguins breed and take care of there eggs in different shorts of ways. Emperor Penguins take care of there eggs by putting them on their feet, but Adeile Penguins take care of their eggs by building nests using stones. Did you know that all penguins have different layers on them. The first layer is their skin, then their hair and fur and the last layer is a waterproof layer so water doesn't go into the penguins skin.

Information about: Killer Whales.

Did you know that killer whales are named differently. Female killer whales are named cows, male killer whales are named bulls and the baby killer whale is named the calf. When the mother killer whale  is nearly going to have a baby killer whale the mother gives birth underwater and takes the baby to the surface of the water for its first breath of air.

Information about: Seals

Did you know that Seals are mammals and they are in all seas all over the world. If you didn't know this but I bet you do, that Seals are so on ice but fast in the water. It is because true seals have no ear flippers but eared seals do have flippers and they can walk a little bit. Seals worst enemies are killer whales. Did you know that I have seen a Video of killer whales trying to get a Seal off a piece of ice in the water, it is so sad.

Thank you for reading my story of me telling you information about animals from Antartctica. I hope you enjoyed and I please hope that you leave me some nice and respectful feedback. :)   

Here is link to a Information Website for kids.

Here is a link to a Information Website.

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