Friday, 14 February 2014


Today at assembly we had two acts perform for our school. The first one was a hip hop dance crew with students from our school. They danced to the song called live it up by Pitbull feat Jennifer Lopez and they had cool dance moves.

Next was some samoan ladies dancing and they were very talented. Before they started dancing Jacob bowled the con shell to introduce their dance. They also got interview and they said that they had started dancing since they were 2,3,4, or 5 years old, and I thought was pretty awesome.

Another cool thing at assembly was some people won some posters by getting some answers right. Miss Vaafusuaga was doing a quiz and Christian and Isaiah won a poster each.

Waitangi movies were played at assembly today to. On was by one person named Stevenson Erick and he created a movie by himself. It was short but very interesting. Class 12 also created movie and it was about the 3P’s. Protection, Partnership and Participation. There was fun and cool.

House Captains, Ambassadors and Perfects got to get there pagges. All of them we different. Some had the name ambassadors on it for the Ambassadors. The house captain ones had the name house captain on it and the perfects had the name perfects on it.


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