Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What is a Netbook and How is It used?

What is a Netbook and how is it used?  

A Netbook is a learning tool that students in Year 4 upwards use at our school. It is a piece of technology that is like a mini computer that has a keyboard and a screen. It is also portable.

A Netbook has a built in mouse that we use to move around and click things. It has a keyboard that we use to type our writing and publish onto our blogs. It has a battery that we have to charge everyday to get it working. It has a camera that we use to take pictures. It has a headphone slot that we use to listen to music. It has a USB port that we use to upload stuff onto our netbooks. It has a screen that we look at to go on school work.

To get our netbook to work we will have to charge it every time we leave school, so we have it running when we come back to school the next morning. To charge our netbook we will have to make sure the end of the charger is plugged in. Then we have to plug the front of the socket into our netbook. So if it is charged then we can do writing, reading and maths also go on math whizz, xtramath and studyladder.   

I like using my netbook because it is much better than pencil and paper. I like using it for gmail, writing, reading and researching. If we didn’t have netbooks we wouldn’t be researching and gmail.

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