Monday, 17 February 2014

Interviewing The Junior School

Interviewing the Junior School.

Class 2 had the chance to create some toys for the junior school to play with. We will have to design the toys and then create them. The kids are year 2s and they are 5 and 6 years of age. They were running out of toys and they needed some more.

First, we had to brainstorm all the toys little 5 year olds would like. Here are some ideas of some toys,  Smurfs, cars, barbie, blocks, airplanes, anything they would like. Girls would like barbie, dolls and pink. Boys would like cars, airplanes, blocks and rockets.  

I got 4 girls, Eden, Katielynn, Sonnia and Peisey. Eden wanted a Barbie with pink on it because she likes pink and she likes barbie, and she likes Ipads to. Katielynn likes the smurfs because she likes smurfs movies and she thinks they're really funny.

Sonnia likes tinkerbell because she likes to play with dolls and she likes to watch barbie movies also. Peisey likes Ipads because she likes all the games you can get and she has fun playing them.

When we got all the toys they liked it was time to create and design. But I think the little kids will have to wait a while to get the toys. Maybe days or months, hey we never know.

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