Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to post a piece of writing onto your blog.

How to post a piece of writing on your blog.

Do you know how to post a piece of writing onto your blog? Here is an explanation on how.

First, you have to have a blog and an account so you can log in and start posting things onto it. Then, you should be able to access and do anything or post anything on your blog. But, the main thing is you have to make sure that your writing is all done and ready to be posted.

Next,  you are just going to post your writing on your blog, if you want to be ahead have the blogger link ( already open as well as the doc with your writing.

When, you click onto the blogger tab, click on the little sign that looks like a pencil. Then when that opens, write in a title in the little rectangle on the top of the screen next to the word Post. After that click back on your doc with your writing and select it all (Ctrl A) and then copy and paste ( Ctrl C - Ctrl P) it in the big rectangle shape on the blogger TAB.

After, you have done that your writing should be ready to post. But, first write some labels. To do that in the top right corner there should be a little rectangle shape with a word ‘Labels’ in it. Click on it and put things for example ,your name, the word ‘google’, what year it is, what term it is, what writing is about etc. When you have done that click post and then it should appear on your blog and will be saved.

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