Friday, 6 June 2014

What is a Smart Footprint?

A Smart Footprint, what is it? A Smart Footprint is something that is on the internet. Not like when you jump in the sand or step in something, I’m not talking about that Footprint.  

When you go onto a site or just accidentally click on something wrong that is a Wrong Footprint. If you send or forward someone an email that is not work related, that would be a Dumb Footprint. If you see something that is Dumb and you just delete it, that is a Smart Footprint.

To leave a Smart Footprint you have to do the right thing, not be dumb, stay safe online and many more. When you finish all of your work and making sure that it is all done. That is a Smart Footprint. If you do anything good and your teacher/principal will be impressed, that is a Smart Footprint.

If you are not on bad sites that teacher will be seeing you working and doing the right thing. But, if you are doing something bad on the internet you are not invisible that teacher will see you doing that also. So say to yourself “I will not go on bad sites”.  Why be BAD when you can be responsible   

Whenever you are on the internet make sure that you are doing the right thing. Make sure that you always finish off work properly. Don’t just say you're done when you have just written 2-3 paragraphs in writing. Be Cybersmart and keep doing the right thing.      


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