Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to play net-ball!

How to play net-ball!

Do you know how to play net-ball? Well, if you don’t here is an explanation on how to. First, there are 7 positions that any of your teammates can play. For example Goal Shoot, Goal Attack, Goalkeeper, Wing Attack, Wing Defence and Centre.

To play have to know the basics. Passing, Not Stepping and . As you can see down below is what the court looks and where the positions go just before the whistle. In net-ball there is a round ball that is used. There are 2 goal posts  that the goal shoot and goal attack can shoot in. As you can see also in the picture that there are lines and 2 circles at the end of each end of the court. The lines are bound trees which of the positions cannot pass.

If you are not three feet from the person you are defending the ref will call obscuration. If you accidentally hit a person with the ball that is called contact. If you cross the line on the court when you are not supposed to that is called Braking, which is not a good thing. The ref will also blow the whistle and your team or the other team will get the ball. It depends who’s centre pass it is.

When you are Goal Shoot, your team is counting on you to get most of the goals in. Goal Attack is when you are also a shooter but you are just a back up for the Goal Shoot. GoalKeeper has to stop the Goal Shooter from shooting the ball into the goal. He or she and also around the court but within the circle and past the line.

Wing Attack is when you are a wing and the centre will pass it to you if there is no one else free. Wing Defence is like Wing Attack but different. You have to defend wing attack from the other team that you are versing. And the last position and the last one is Centre. You have to run around the court and be able to be there to get the ball.

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