Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Echolocation - Writing!

Sound waves

Echolocation what is it?  Echolocation means the location of objects by reflected sound, in particular that used by animals such as Dolphins, Whales and Bats. This means that some animals can move around the place and find things underwater or in the dark by using sound.  

Sound is really important to whales and dolphins. Whales use echolocation for navigating and communicating. Dolphins use echolocation by using clicking noises. When the noise hits an object a echo sound comes back and the dolphin will know where they're going.      

Bats use echolocation by using sound waves from their mouth or nose. When it hits an object it bounces right back to the bat and it is an echo sound. The bat will know the shape of the object and can identify what it looks like. Most bats use echolocation to navigate in the dark and to find food.     

Ben Underwood is a boy that had eye cancer at the age of 2 and had his eyes removed at the age of 3. He is blind but he moves around freely and doesn’t hit anything wherever he goes. It is because he uses echolocation. He moves around by making clicking noises with his tongue. Ben doesn’t use a guide dog or even a cane. The noises bounce off an object and it comes right back to him. That is how he moves around the house. He can even play basketball, ride his bike and ride rollerskates. That is amazing!



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