Monday, 16 June 2014

My Cousin's Very first ball.

In the weekend I went to my aunt's house to celebrate my cousins very first ball. She goes to Rosehill College and she was going to a ball. Her name is Tyra and it is her very first ball and she just wanted to have fun and just have a good time with her friends.

At Tyras house her friends came over to get ready. The van that was taking them to the ball was coming at 7:00, so they had plenty of time. In that time a photographer came to the house and took photos of the girls in their dresses and the boys in their suit and ties. The girls even had a make up lady to do all of their make up (Which was my aunty).

The ball started at 8pm and it finished at 12am. Once they left my dad and his sisters and brothers were setting up the garage for the after party. While they were out my aunty was preparing finger food (Chips, sausage rolls, spring rolls) for them after the ball, she was making some for my cousins, brother and I as well.

When they were at the ball my cousin, brother and I were doing all sorts of things. We were playing with the ball outside, playing with the balloon inside, watching movies and eating chips and many more. We also got to eat anything we wanted to so my cousin, brother and I just ate lollies, chips, chocolate, spring rolls and sausage rolls. It was really fun.

At 12pm when they arrived the after had began. They were just having fun and just enjoying themselves outside in the garage, while my cousin and I were just inside watching t.v and eating. One thing that was funny was when they just arrived and came inside and they were being loud and my cousin and I were like be quiet because we were just relaxing and they just came in and just were annoying.

Overall it turned out to be a great night for the ball students and the kids. Everyone ended up going to sleep at 3-5am even me. I was really tired and so was everyone else. But at least they had a good time like they wanted.

Sadly I have no photos. We took some but I don't have any. So I will post some photos up when I get the chance to.   


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Nikita S said...

Hi There Rave,

I really really loved your piece of writing about Your Cousins First Ball. It was very interesting to see you just writing things about what happened in the weekend. What can you do to improve in your writing next time?

Sincerely Nikita :)

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