Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How Sound Affects Your Brain!

How does music affect our ears? Well, if we are listening to music with little ear buds and the music is too loud, it can damage our hearing and you can’t get it back. You will just be deaf and wouldn’t be able to hear anything. But it doesn’t only affect your ears, it can affect your body.  

There are all different types of music. For example Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Soul, R&B, Opera, Blues, Classical, Reggae and 70’s and 80’s and many more. Sometimes, if you listen to music it can bring back old memories. My favourite is hip hop. Some other peoples favourite’s might be Opera or even the Blues.

All around the world but mostly in America, there are all sorts of artists. For example, Beyonce, Will.I.Am, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Eminem and many more. It is really great to have these sort of people to make music for us. Without music it would be…. boring.

Instruments make sound, and there are lots of instruments in the world like… piano, drums, guitar, violin, percussion instruments, triangle, flute, trumpet and much more. Many instruments are hard to play but some can be easy  to play.

How does music or sound travel? If you hit an object the sound bounces off  and becomes sound waves. Then, it travels into your inner ear and air drums. Finally, your brain should then recognize it as sound.

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