Monday, 5 May 2014

Immersion Assembly: Term 2 2014.

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Wow! We just arrived back at school and it is a whole new term. It is Term 2 and people are really pumped, I know I am. Normally, in the morning we just get started with our work but not today. We had Immersion Assembly. The theme this year is ‘I like to move it move it’.
To be honest I really like that theme because I like the song ‘I like to move it move’.

If you don’t know what Immersion Assembly is well, it is when the school teachers do a performance to show the school what they’re topic is for the whole term. The first team that was up was, Team 1. There topic was all about the zoo and the safety equipment that they use.

The second team that was up was, team 2. There topic this term is all about Flight. For examples airplanes, thrust, drag and gravity. The teachers were wearing great costumes. Mrs Eddie was wearing a plane, Mrs Glaze was pretending to fly a helicopter and another teacher was pretending to be a air balloon.

The third team was of course, team 3. There topic is all about light and how it works. On stage the teachers were showing the colours of light and the speed of it. All the teachers were wearing tutus and that was the light on them. Next after team 3 was, team 4. There topic is all about Floating & Sinking. On stage they were playing a video and it was all about the displacing of water when a boat floats on it.

The last team was, Team 5 (My Team). Our topic is all about Sound and Voluming. We are learning about how sound is made, how it travels and how we hear it and Physics etc. I also hope we are going to be doing some fun experiences along the way.

At Immersion Assembly I thought it was very interesting and entertaining. I really enjoyed the performance’s. My favourite one was team 4. When they were asking questions and it was funny.

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Mr. Crowe said...

Hi Rave, thanks for explaining what Immersion Assembly is. I'm new to the school and found your recount really helpful. Your writing structure is very clear, with a beginning, main body of content, and a conclusion.

What are some things that you can work on in your next piece of writing?

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