Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sound: What Can I Hear?

Having ears are great! Not having ears you wouldn’t be able to hear a single thing. Imagine, if you couldn’t hear anything? It will be boring and weird. If you couldn’t hear you wouldn’t be able to listen to conversations that your family and friends will be having.

Being able to hear sound is really important. At home I like listening  to the sounds of my family laughing and getting to know each other more because it is funny. Sometimes I can hear the sound of the dishes being washed or the vacuum sucking up all of the dust thats on the ground.

There are many sounds in the environment. At school I can hear the sounds of the teachers having conversations with groups and people laughing and typing on there netbooks. Sometimes I even hear the sound of visitors walking past us and watching our work.

Outside and being able to hear noises around you is good for people.  When I am outside I like listening to the sounds of netball balls being bounced. Or rugby balls being kicked. But mostly I like it when my friends and I are chatting with each other.

Whenever I am on the street and listening to things I can hear the sounds of cars whizzing past me. Not only that, I can hear the sounds of the buzzers at shops when people leave. I also can hear the sounds of police car firetrucks sirens.

My ears are great! I am glad that there is sound and I can hear. Not being able to hear will be a nightmare to me because at home I am a pretty loud person :) WIthout my ears I will be hearing nothing and I will just hear silence. It will be totally boring and creepy.

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Mrs Lagitupu said...

Thanks for your explanation writing about sound Rave. I agree, it would be a nightmare not being able to hear a single thing. Keep up the great work.

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