Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Family Trip to Rainbows End - Free Blog Writing.

 Last weekend I went to Rainbows end and I went for a family catch up. It was for my uncle and two of my cousin. When we got there they updated the little kids area and the changed the name to Kids Kingdom and the stage  has changed too.

The first ride I went on was the iwader. I went on with my cousin Brooke. She was scared because she thought her hat was going to fall off. My favourite was spinning around and going up and down. The next ride I went on was the roller coaster. It was a long que and me and my cousin had to wait. The part I didn't like was the sides of the roller coaster chairs were banging into my head. 

After two rides I went to have something to eat. I had a ham and cheese sandwich and I had cheese pizza and Beef and Cheese Pizza. And I also had some sparkling duet to drink. When I finished eating I went to ride the go karts with my cousin Corey. To be honesty he was a bad driver. Next I wanted to go on the fear fall but my other cousin wanted to go on the Pirateship and that is what we did. 


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