Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Family Christmas Eve Dinner.

I had a Christmas Eve dinner with my mums side of the family. We had it because my aunty and uncle were going up North and just because it is Christmas Eve. We had something to eat and had some pudding. First we had to say the prayer. Then it was time to eat. YAY. We had some pork, chicken, potato salad, salad, quiche, and garlic bread.

After dinner it was time to have pudding. My aunty was making a cheese cake, cream puffs, and some brandy snaps. First my aunty gave me a piece of cheese cake and it was devine. But to be honest the base was a little crumbly. After that I had a cream puff and the one I had was full of cream. It was dripping down my fingers.

In the end we all had a fun time and it was good to hang out with the family. I wish you have a good Christmas and have a good New Year spending it with your family.

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