Monday, 1 July 2013

Trip to Kelly Tarlton's

Today, was a wonderful opportunity that I got to investigate what is happening and Kelly Tarltons. We had to come to school before 8:30 am or we were going to be left behind. The bus was leaving a 9:00 a m but before that all of the team 4 classes met in the hall for a little meeting before we were leaving.

On the way to Kelly Tarlton's I was sitting with my best friends Lesieli, Josephine and Quasia. Lesieli was talking the whole way and Quasia and Josephine were justing sitting there and were talking to each other. I was just talking with my Teacher and making him laugh, the same with Lesieli.

Finally, we arrived at Kelly Tarlton’s everyone was so excited to see the Penguins and meet the wonderful fish and people. First we went the School Room and Janice was telling us all about The King penguin, Adelie Penguin, Emperor Penguin and Gentoo Penguin. She told us all about the hut’s and base’s. Then she got two people to come up to the front and try on some of these clothes they us to survive in Antartica.

When we finished in the School Room we went to Akho bay for Morning Tea. We went to eat and also to play on the playground. People were queuing up to go on to the Fire Fox. When I saw my teacher (Mr Somerville) go down the fox he was going crazy and cheering for Queensland.

It was fun while it lasted but sadly we had to leave and go back to Kelly Tarlton's to do our next investigating another part of the Sea life. We went to the Aquarium and we went to go see the penguins and the huts and base's. There was this thing to see how long you can keep your hand in freezing water. And trust me if you went to Kelly Tarlton's and saw what I did then you would know what I mean.

Thanks to Josephine and Lesieli for Editing my Work.

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