Monday, 8 July 2013

Free Blog Writing: Shared Lunch Coming Up.

This week at school is really exciting for me. On Wednesday my netball team is going to be having a shared lunch. We are having it for a little get together and get to know each other. While we are having our shared lunch we are going to be getting rewards.

My Coach and manager are my mum and dad. My Mum is the manager and my dad is the coach. Every training's we do is always the same thing but sometimes my dad teacher's us something's new. We have trainings on Monday after school and Thursday lunch time.

At our shared lunch we could bring anything we want to bring. It is going to be held at the Whare Fono and it is going to be at lunch time. My parents gave out a new letter to all the netball girls about: When our lunch was going to be, and what time it is and, Where it was going to be held.

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