Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Parent Interview

Today was meet the teacher day at my school and I was wishing if I got a good report. When I arrived at school I saw my two friends Ana and Shirquera. And then when I walked into school grounds I saw my other friends Christian and Nikki. Finally we were at my classroom and I saw all the room 17.18 and my class teacher of course. The teacher in room 17 is Ms Garden and the teacher in room 18 is Mr Marks.

When I saw my teacher no one was with him and so my parents were just there, so that was good. While my teacher and parents were talking I hopped on a multimedia and went on Math Whizz (School learning tool). And then I just went by my teacher and parents when i was finished on the computer.

I saw that Mr S was showing my mum and dad my Xtra Math results and my Math Whizz Results. i was so lucky that didn't take so long because i felt so a same. Next he showed my parents my report and that was the nervous part of all. I saw that i was doing really well in Writing and Reading but in Maths I wasn't doing well.

Next Mr S told my parents that I was doing jobs for him and they were Setting up the PENN and marking off the roll after lunch. So I was really relieved about that.

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