Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Watching Despicable Me 2.

Just because I got a good report I had to get a reward and guess what it was, it was going to the movies and watching Despicable Me 2. Wee Ho I was so excited to watch it and it was a really good reward to. My family and I were going to watch the 3:00 pm Session but then mum dad looked again and it was really at 4:00 pm so we turned around from where we were driving and went back the home way.

First we were going to go to Pak n Save to get some food for tomorrow which is a Shared lunch for my netball team and also food for my Shared lunch on Friday too. It was going to be a good bye for one of my friends Shirqerua. And then we got some drinks for the movies so we don't have to get some at the movies. When we arrived at the movies it was full of people so we had to cue up fast.

We got some Ice Creams for me, my brother, my dad and my mum and we also got a Medium popcorn for all of us.  We waited till the movie started but it was ready before the time we had to go in to the theatre. We started to eat our ice creams before the movie started and I was dipping my ice cream into the popcorn, it tasted really nice.

When the movie started I started to drink my drink and i just ate some popcorn too. The movie began and it started of funny. In the end I liked the movie and I was so funny.

Mark, Minion
Fill, Minion
Del Potro.


Keis said...

Hi Rave
When I was in Sylvia Park I watched Despicable 2

Ramonadel said...

I like the minions it was so funny and I also like the purple minion really funny as well

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