Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Model Making.

One afternoon last week my literacy group had to draw a map of Omaru Creek while looking at a photo taken from a satellite Dish. Here are the steps that we took.

First we had to create 3D shapes to stand up on our map out of coloured paper. I created a bridge, some trees, ducks, air vents, the creek rubbish catcher, culvet and the pipe that goes under the road.

At first it was really hard to create a bridge and a tree. For the tree it was hard because I didn’t know how to make it stand up. For the bridge it was hard for making it stand up so the water could flow under it. When I created the rubbish catcher it was not too bad to make because by that time I had become a very good model maker.

When I finished creating all of my 3D shapes it was time to paint. When I started painting my maths teacher Miss Garden said my painting was great. After I finished painting I had to let it dry before I did something else to it.

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