Monday, 11 March 2013

Pirate Narrative

Ahoy mates my name is Captain fireball. I live on a boat with my two friends named Snuffy and Cruffy. On my boat I have nets to catch bad people and cannons to load off in battles. My name is captain fireball because I tell people to load off the cannons every single day.

I am a really bossy pirate because I boss people around like, "Hey you, set up the nets and hey you load up the cannons." If you see me from far it would look like I have a squid on my head, but up close I have eyes, a nose and a mouth and black hair, so I don’t look that disgusting like a normal pirate.

One time me and my friends Snuffy and Cruffy went to Little Rocks lake. It is called Little Rocks lake because everywhere in the lake are little rocks. We were swimming and swimming, then it was night so me and my friends decided to go back to our boat. On our way back to the boat we noticed that the boat door was open, so we quickly ran back to our boat and saw our treasure was missing. "Our treasure is gone!" Snuffy screamed.

So me, Snuffy and Cruffy searched and searched for our treasure. We were digging and digging in the sand and we found this note that said, 'Attention, all pirates there is going to be a wind storm, so keep your treasure safe". But later that day we found a little bit of our treasure so we were pleased. So in the end were new to keep our treasure really safe.

Thank you to Anisha for Editing my work.

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