Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Stone Soup

This book is called stone soup, I am going to be retelling this story so I hope you enjoy.

One day a Young boy was walking through the forest and he was walking all day and all night. He said “ I feel Hungry”. So he walked and he walked and he found a little cottage in the middle of the forest. He walked inside and he saw little old lady and the Young boy said I would like a round grey stone and the little old lady said “ Why do you want a stone?” “ To make soup” replied the Young Boy.

The Young boy and the little old lady made some soup. The old lady put the round grey stone into a pot and stewed it up with some water. The old lady said “ I need some yellow onions”. So old lady went out to her garden and picked some onions. She went back to her cottage and she poured the onions in the pot and stewed it all up.

Later that hour the old lady thought the soup needed some thin carrots so she went to her garden and picked some carrots. Then she put them in the pot and mixed it all up. The little old lady thought the soup smelled delicious but she thought it needed a hand full of pepper and a hand full of salt, so she sprinkled it all over the soup and it was just right.

After the soup finished cooking the little old lady and the young boy sat on the table and enjoyed the delicious and creamy soup.

The End : - )

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