Monday, 4 August 2014

World War I - WWI

Today was the day that New Zealand people died for our country. Today we had assembly to show respect to the people who fought in World War I. When you respect World War I you raise the New Zealand flag half mast. When you raise the flag it has to be just under the top of the pole. It shows that we are remembering the people that represented our country in World War I.

At assembly Mr Burt (Our Principal) said his grandad and Mrs Flavelles grandad were in World War 1. Mr Burt said that his grandad was getting married and said that the clothes that he wore back from the war were the clothes that he got married in. Yes, he did make it back alive, same as Mrs Flavelles grandad.         

World War I took place in Europe, but involved lots of countries. Over 20 countries were in World War I. 28 July 1914 was when World War I started, and it lasted till 11 November 1918.

When the first bomb went off the War began. Grass was turning into mud. Bombs and bullets were being fired. People had to walk on duckboard wood planks in Gallipoli to stay out of the mud because there was so much.

I am so thankful for the people that fought for New Zealand in World War I. They sacrificed their lives for us new zealanders, and that is a huge thing to do.  

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