Friday, 4 May 2012

Andy Warhol's Style of Art

Did you know that Andy Warhol was an Artist that loved to create pop art?
I am talking about an American Artist called Andy Warhol. He is a really
popular person because he drew lots of different Art and uses different
colours. He drew some good paintings, some were famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Mohammed Ali.

Andy Warhol was popular because his Art was called Pop Art. Pop Art is a style of screen printing and painting that uses bright colours. He painted popular people like Marilyn Monroe and Mohammed Ali and popular supermarket products like Tomato Soup and Coca Cola.

Andy Warhol’s art is inverting opposites colours and mixing them around. He silk screened his paintings of celebrities,dollar bills and tomato soup cans and also Coca Cola bottles. In Andy Warhol’s paintings he used bold outlines and simple strong shapes when he screen printed his pictures of celebrities. His art looks like colours but opposites so if it is on the image you painted you can’t use the same colours on the other image.

What do I think about Andy Warhol’s Art? I think it is pretty good especially his art of Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali when he mixed around the colours. My Favourite art piece of Andy Warhol’s Art is the Michael Jackson art, because I like the colours he used in the background and his face are cool. He is a cool artist.

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My friend I am very Impressed that you tried really hard that story that you made I really like best your Picture about cam bolls tomato soup I love that you put more imporment well see you later my best friend babe by kissy good by.

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