Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Swimming Recount:-)

For two whole weeks Room Fourteen have been going swimming. When I go swimming I feel like I want to just get into the water straight away because I am a water freak. When we are swimming we have been learning how to do big strokes, kicking and holding the swimming board, stretching and tilting our heads.

When we speedily walked down to the swimming pool’s we got out of our uniform and put our togs on. We went to go have a rinse at the showers by the stream room and spa. I am in group two with my classmates and my instructor named Natalie. She is really nice because she makes us laugh and we enjoy it, but not only that she teaches us new swimming skills.

In our swimming group we did ‘Brain goggle cheek’ which is a kind of move that can be called the freestyle or anything. First of all we had to lean on our left arm, then we had to stay there for 6 seconds and then we had to put it under the water and boom there you go.

My final feelings on swimming are that I feel really good because I have a funny instructor. I also I think I am doing pretty good in my swimming because my instructor said to me, “ You are doing good on your freestyle Rave keep it up ”. I replied to her ”Thank you Natalie”.

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Anonymous said...

Natalie, your instructor, sounds like a very funny lady. She made your lessons alot of fun. You love to swim Rave, so being able to swim safely and properly, is very important. I'm glad that you learnt new skills from Natalie. From Mum

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