Thursday, 14 June 2012

WHOO!! HOO!! Netball WIN

Filled with Excitement I played my Netball game tonight . We vs Meadowbank Maulers, They were really hard to vs but we were on Fire  tonight. GS and GA were my two friends Hannah and Ata.

Hannah was doing pretty good with her shooting tonight she took her time with the ball, Every time she was far from the goal she threw it to the other players and she moved back  then took a step forward if she needed to.

The Player of the Day was my other friend Josephine, She was good at Defending the ball and she was feeding it.

My Two friends Jardine and Pauwani were playing Fantastic and Powerful tonight. Jardine was good at passing big and far to Pauwani and Pauwani was good at getting free away from her partner.   

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