Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Toy Making! :)

On November the 27th in the afternoon it was a day that my class and I got to make toys for our theme for school, Toy Story. When we made our toys we had to get the materials for it.

When we were making our toys I felt nervous and thrilled at the same time. I felt nervous because I thought my balloon was going to pop, and I felt thrilled because I got to make my very own toy myself. My materials I needed were just a balloon and a coin. My toy was a Coin Centrifuge.

The first thing we did was our teacher told us what we needed one by one and she would give it to us to make our very own toy. It was challenging for my friend Josephine to put the coin in the balloon because it was a big coin. When our teacher, Miss Ouano gave us the materials we started to make our toy.  We had to take photos so we could show what to next and what to do after that in a presentation   

After that we had to use the photos we took and turn it into a presentation. In my presentation each side had all of my pictures I took were on there and I wrote a couple of sentences. At the end of my presentation I thought I did a good job and my teacher liked it.

At the end of making my toy I think I did a successful job at making it. My teacher really liked how it was completed.
I put stickers on my toy to make a smiley face and I was pleased. When I spinned the balloon my coin went around and it was making a funny sound.

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Josephine said...

What a fun activity Rave,

Your showing your skills of toy making and I LOVE it. Loved how you use your Key Words! The balloon looks awesome, don't worry it won't pop!

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