Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What I Feel About Having a Net-Book.

Here are some things I like about my net-book:
1. I Like how we get to type not write.
2. I like how we get to post some things on our blogs.
3. I really love how we get to do Math Whizz and Xtra Math.
4. I really like how we get to take our net-book home and finish work.
5. I like how I get to make presentations and do some drawings for our work.
6. I get to put stickers of my cover.

Now Here are some feelings/words:
1. Thrilled
2. Nervous (I might drop my net-book and not take it home).
3. Completed (My things I have to do before I take it home).
4. Shocked ( I thought I wasn't up to date with payments).
5. Afraid (My charger might be broken).

There you go, This is what I feel about my net-book.

I Hope you Enjoyed reading what I feel. 

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