Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Free Blog Writing

The slade family lived down horror street number 21. There kids names were Zeri, Cameron, Lucy and Gabrielle. There were aliens living in their attic, and every night the aliens will come out of the attic and go and it the slades family food. Then the slade family will wake up in the morning and think that someone was robbing them.

Then the slade family said “ We have to do something about this”. They  set up secret cameras to see if they could catch anything. They  hid cameras in the kitchen, kids rooms and the adults room. They  were very serious about this.

They heard a strange noise coming from the attic. They were getting closer and closer and the noise was getting louder and louder. Then they saw 3 green heads and 3 green legs. “Ahhhhh mum what is that sound?” said Zeri. “I don’t know” replied mum. “It is ALIENS living in our attic”  said Gabrielle.  

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