Saturday, 20 April 2013

Starting My Holiday.

On the Holiday my mum was planning to go to Wellington. She had already packed our bags on Wednesday and the rest of our stuff on Friday. On Saturday it was the day me, my mum and my baby brother were going to Wellington. When we woke up my family packed all the stuff in the car then we headed to our first stop. Our first stop was to my mums house and we went to go see my Aunty and Uncle that were taking care of the house. We had a little talk and then we all said our goodbyes and left. Our next stop was to my other Auntys House to have a cup of tea and some girl guide biscuits.

After that my dad dropped us of to the Airport. When we got to the Airport it was packed. It was so packed we couldn't find a place to park. When my mum did find a place we got our bags out of the car and then we said our goodbyes to my dad. Later then we went to go and take our bags to the bag claim. The lady sent our bags to the Jetstar plane.

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josephine said...

Hi rrave,

That sounds fun. I hope your not too jetlag . Iw rish i went to wellington too. Hope your not staying there too long. Have aa safe and nice holiday.;-)

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