Monday, 27 July 2015

How I Receive and Spend Money

Money is a worldwide currency that is used to purchase anything you require. Different countries have different currencies. Various countries have currencies that are stronger than others. For example, if I took 100 NZ dollars to America and I exchanged it for US dollars, I would approximately get 75 US dollars. When I receive money I save it and save it for the future.  

To earn money, every Thursday I have a job at the AMI netball courts. I get to umpire different amount of games. If I umpire one game I will be handed 10 dollars, if I umpire two games I recieve 20 dollars. So, the more games you umpire the more money you get.

I don’t really receive money from my parents, but only if I do jobs. If I wash the car I will get 10 dollars. I don’t really get money for doing household jobs because my parents think that it is just a regular thing.

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