Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Pourquoi Tale - Why a Giraffe is yellow

Why a Giraffe is yellow:  

One night, Mr Giraffe was attending a party. The theme was bright and loud and Mr Giraffe didn’t know what to wear. He was thinking and thinking for a long period of time of what he was going to do.

Mr Giraffe was rummaging through his closet and found this bright yellow costume. “This is PERFECT” Mr Giraffe said with excitement. He was looking forward to wearing it.

They party was just a few hours away and Mr Giraffe was ready to get his boogie on. He arrived at the party and everyone was just admiring Mr Giraffe because of his outfit. People were loving the way he dressed and was just liking the colour.

Mr Giraffe was just having the time of his life. Everyone was dancing. Soon, the party ended and Mr Giraffe head home. When he arrived he just flopped in his bed and fell straight to sleep.

When Mr Giraffe woke up he was still in his bright yellow costume. He was thinking about the party and remembered that people were loving his costume. Soooo… Mr Giraffe decided to stay with it and just enjoy his new look.  

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