Friday, 14 August 2015

Netball Tournament on Wednesday 12 of August.

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On Wednesday, a group of 5, 6, 7 and 8 students were selected to play in a mixed tamaki Cluster Inter Zone tournament on Wednesday the 12th of August. All of the teams had around 10 - 12 players. For one game only 4 girls and 3 boys were allowed to play on the court at a time. 

First, we had to go and get changed into our netball uniforms and be ready to play against other schools. We had to be at school at 8am and leave at 8.45. When we departed from our school, all of the other tamaki schools were there. Some were watching people play and some were playing. 
Image result for netball silver ferns
Our first game was against Stonefields. They were pretty easy to verse but it was a bit challenging for some of us. Our goal defence (GD) got a lot of intercepts and so did our wing attack (WA). I was playing goal shooter (GS) and so was this other boy in my team, we were taking turns.

All of our games were challenging but overall we won 4 games and lost 2, we came 4th out of 10 schools and I think that is okay. I was really proud with our team and we came a really good placing. 

Well Done Guys!!!  

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