Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Blogs 400th Birthday!

This is my 400th post and that means it is my blog's Birthday! I am so happy I have reached 400 posts. I didn’t think 400 post will come soon. To celebrate I am going to tell you about some people I like on youtube.

1: Our2ndlife

Our2ndlife are a group of 6 boys and they make videos on youtube. In there videos they have a theme every week and they have to do that theme or anything related to it. There names are Kian, Jc, Ricky, Sam, Connor and Trevor.

2: Mylifeaseva

Mylifeaseva is youtuber who post things about life hacks and things about her life. Sometimes, she even collabs with people and does challenges or tags with them. She even sometimes post up some really delicious food ideas and room decors.  

3: IISuperwomanII

IISuperwomanII is a youtuber who post things about her life and things in the world. She does collabs and she even vlogs on her other channel. Her real name is Lily and she is a young adult. Lily sometimes does some special things so you should check her out.
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Happy Birthday Blog!!


Quasia said...

WOW Rave,
Amazing job on having 400 post on your blog. It is so cool to her you have reached a stage of 400 post, seriously I only have about 357 post so far. You are a Super Blogger!
Keep it up!

From Quasia

PES 2012 Blogs Admin said...

Hi Rave, I have just come across this post and I am thrilled for you. I remember when you were a cute wee girl in Mrs She's class and she used to post your work on the class blog. I always hoped you would turn into a super blogger - and you have! Well done.

Mrs Burt

Rave MM said...

Thank You Mr Burt for the Wonderful Comment!! :)

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