Friday, 13 March 2015

Why your child should attend Tamaki College.

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Does your child go to Point England School? Are you having trouble deciding what college your child should attend? Do you want to use your netbook in college like you did in intermediate? Well, I have the solution for you.

You should enroll your child into Tamaki College. Tamaki College will provide your child with a quality  education at school. Your child, could be one of 500 people at college that will be well educated. Your child can even get a scholarship for Tamaki College.

The NCEA results at Tamaki College have improved a lot. In 2012 Tamaki College was only at 20% on their testing results. Now, they have doubled their NCEA level 2. That is amazing! Some students at Tamaki College have shifted up levels  and have become intelligent and doing well at their tests.    

Tamaki College is also a netbook school (Just like Point England), and part of the Manaiakalani Cluster. Manaiakalani Cluster is schools that are using netbooks to learn. Netbooks are like laptops but a little bit smaller.

Your child will be able to use their netbook at Tamaki College just like Point England School and other schools. Students won’t have to take a step backwards and go back to pencil and paper. They can be taking a step forward and be using technology.

If you attend Point England School, Tamaki College is just down the road, literally. It is the closest college that is next to Point England. You will just have to walk or drive a little bit more miles then Point England School. How cool is that!

Do you want your child to look perfect when they go to school. Well, Tamaki College have a good looking uniform. It is white, blue black. They wear skirts, tops, pants and much more. The boys and girls have a option to wear ties if they want to. It is their choice!

Tamaki College even has their own gymnasium and basketball court. That means, student at their college can held a basketball tournament if they want to. Tamaki College even has many talented athletes at their school and your child could be one of them.

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