Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Future Aspirations!


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The most important quote that we thought was: “Don’t believe me just watch”


Yesterday, 3 very important people came to our year 7 and 8 block and talked to us about what they do for a living. The 3 people were Marcus Winter, Louie Gordon Latty and Andrew Patterson. They came and told us some very important things that we might want to know. Here is what we got up to.

First up to present was, Andrew Patterson. He is a person that collects people from the streets and makes them become what they want to be, basically. He was also introducing us to Marcus and Louie and telling us what they are going to be saying in front of all of us, students.

Presenting next was, Marcus Winter A.K.A (The Sand Man). That is Marcus’s nickname because he likes to create art by using sand and some creative tools. Marcus was talking to us about not everyone in the world is perfect. He was telling us a lot of quotes and just telling us to always follow what you believe in.

Marcus also got us all up on our feet and we all did a little dance to the song ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars. He was telling us that one line in the song is very important which is ‘Don’t believe just watch’. People think that they don’t believe them but ‘Don’t believe just watch’ is the prefect quote to sum it all up.

Louie Gordon Latty is a basketball player and is also a Glory League person. Louie is a very inspiring person. Everyone that was in the crowd was getting very excited when we started watching some of his basketball games.

Louie and some of the people part of the Glory League industries designed something that is easy to record any sports games like netball, basketball, rugby and much more. They invented ipad apps that when they press a button it records the whole game and you can watch yourself playing. How cool is that?

Louie was also asking us a lot questions while we were sitting down. Like, What do you want to be when you grow up?,How many of you have had bad days? and much more. We were sending him answers and he was just telling us some very positive words like ‘Just aim for your goals’ and ‘Set high standards in anything you are doing’ and much more.

I will just like to thank all of the people that also came to our school and took time out of their day to talk to us about what they do for a living. Just… Thank You!!!

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