Friday, 29 May 2015

Mary and Rave Technology Problems

Our Classroom
Rubbish Bins Being Moved,
We could have the rubbish just to stay in one place and have a specific area for it and we could place a mini  basketball hoop or netball hoop over the bin so they can have fun while chucking the rubbish the bin.  
Keep our school clean for visitors, Parents, New Students and new teachers who enter our school.
People might always move the rubbish bin and just do whatever they want to do.
Outside Bay
The sink is always filthy,
We could invent a scrad. It is part Scrubber and rag. All you will need to do is just clip it onto your hand and just start cleaning. It is that simple. It will be easy to clean and fun to use.
Make sure it is always clean it is part of the year 7 & 8 block and when we do not clean it… It is like we are proud that it is dirty.
Students might just start putting rubbish back into the sink and make it messy again.
Students always touch the notice boards
Have more than one touch screen like… 3? And put all the notices on the touch screens.
Easier and it is not a waste of time for Miss Va’afusuaga print notices… Because they’re not getting wet.
The touch screen might get cracked or students might touch it and do something new to it.
Tuck Shop
Students always buy something but always leave their rubbish  on the school grounds.
We could have students be picking up rubbish if they wanted to.
The school will stay clean and it with be much better for the environment
People might just start ignoring the fact that we are trying to keep our school clean.
Junior Court
Always kick the ball and never look out for little kids,
We could make a little kids area in front of the library. We could create a obstacle course. They would have to write 3 sentences on their ipads, then shoot the ball into a hoop and then just zig zag through cones.
Kids get to play games they like as well as the seniors.
Kids might not play with the stuff we put out for them and might not go to use.
Juniors always play on the senior playground when they are not supposed to,
We could have a sign in front of each playground to simplify the years that are allowed on each park.
Students don’t get hurt and won’t get bullied.
The juniors might not listen neither will the seniors. And they might still get hurt.
People are not being aware of the little kids.
We could just have a area for the little kids and a area for the big kids.
Again little kids will be able to do what they chose to in whatever game.
The kids might not like the games we provide and get bored easily.
The path to the village is parkaru, The village needs some art.  
We could build a pathway to the village and make it very colourful and exciting to walk on. The art in the village it very bland. We could paint some more.
It will be much more fun for the little kids and it will much easier for them as well.
It might cost a lot of money to build the path and to create the different art works.
Whole School
Bags outside junior classrooms
We could build bag hangers for the little kids in the junior area. They are just leaving their bags outside and it will be helpful if there were hangers.
It will help the little kids with their bags. It is better than just leaving them on the floor.
Kids might break the hooks or separate the wood for the stands.
Middle Earth
Windows are by the toilets and people can look through,
We could hook blinds onto the windows. You could just close them whenever you want to.
No one will see you going to the toilet and that is a good thing.
The blinds might start to get rusty and come off.
The Street
Sun is always shining through the street and it’s hard to watch P.E.N.N.
Get some curtains put in and have a remote to control the curtain, open and close
We will be able to watch the news properly and easy to see the people in it.
The remote might not work sometimes and might cost to much as well.

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